Hello and welcome to Barking Cat Brewing Company!

Influenced by countries around the world including the United States, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Barking Cat Brewing Co., a microbrewery, plans to produce and distribute unique, world-class beers using both traditional and innovative brewing techniques and ingredients when operations begin in 2013.

As Owner/CEO of BC, I envision the Barking Cat to be a mid-sized, comfortable, people friendly taproom and restaurant.  People will be able to enjoy a reasonably priced meal and a wide variety of micro-brewed beers made close to home.  Initially, the location will also be used as a primary location for the manufacturing and regional distribution of micro-brewed beers.

In time, this website will be devoted to beer, food, Barking Cat, and you. 

Dan Baker
Barking Cat Brewing Co.

OUR MISSION: To create quality micro brewed beer in a welcoming, fun, relaxing Find us on Facebookand beer-centric environment, serving Wayland, Michigan – and beyond.

LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG! Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, tell your neighbors’ friends.